Franking Machine

How to reduce your business costs

Franking Machine

A main concern of a business owner may be how to reduce business costs. Some costs may be fixed and you will not be able to reduce them such as rent, most bills and employees’ wages. However there are many variable costs in a business which with a bit of work can be reduced significantly saving your business money to spend, save or invest in something else. If your company spends a lot of money on postal costs then this is one area which you can save a lot of money on by using a franking machine.

A franking machine will only ever charge you the exact amount you need to pay for your postage and not a single penny more. This is because the machine will weigh your post or package and charge you for it accordingly. This prevents you over paying by preventing you to use an unnecessary amount of stamps on your mail or buying the wrong and often heavy packaging for the items you want to post. This process also prevents under stamping which can cost your customers money as they will have to pay the difference plus a surplus charge if it’s delivered to them.

Not only does a franking machine money directly lower your postage costs but it helps in other areas too. Most models of franking machines can stamp brand, weigh and label hundreds or packages and parcels an hour. This will save your business countless the countless man hours it would take to do this manually and this means the employee spending their time posting and packaging can focus on other more important work. You can also learn to better understand departmental spend, you can see exactly how much each department spends and take the appropriate action if needed.

A franking machine has the ability to print your logo or message directly onto the parcel or envelope. This not only lets your customers or potential clients know it is from a trusted source which may stop them throwing it away without even opening it but also acts as free advertising. It gets your message out there and should help to serve as a constant reminder to people of your business or product. Not only can you print your logo or message you could also use this to print a specific offer you have at the time or help to promote a new product etc.

Franking machines also make reports on your exact postage costs so you can easily see how much money you may potentially be able to claim back on your tax return. This is a lot simpler an takes a lot less time than the old method of storing all your receipts and invoices for the year and hiring an accountant to do the work for you.